Sunday, June 16, 2024

Wind Down with These Hollywood L.A.-based Movies!

Thinking of paying a visit to L.A but unable to do so? Well, there’s no need to sulk over this as you can catch some glimpses of the city with these L.A.-based movies. Los Angeles is home to many movie stars and you will find Hollywood royalty residing in this terrific city but L.A.-based movies don’t enjoy the same kind of popularity as other similar city-based genres do, like London movies, Paris, or even New York for that matter.

Nonetheless, it’s still one domain that deserves to be lauded. And that’s what this short article covers. With storylines that range from glittering to dark noir to fizzy romantic musicals, here are some of our top favorites that you wouldn’t want to miss!


Genre: Crime Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Year: 2015

Michael Mann’s pseudo-cyber creation took inspiration from real-life events that revolved around the computer worm, Stuxnet that reportedly targeted and almost ruined a major portion of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. Though Mann is known as an ace action filmmaker, the movie is far from perfect. The hacker, Nick has to be released from an American jail, when a terrorist attack is linked to a code that was created ages ago by him.

However, things take a sinister turn when he gets dragged into conflicts between two world powers – America and China as he tries to help the police and the investigative teams tie up ends that may eventually lead to the perpetrators.

Audiences may enjoy this movie for several reasons: there is Hemsworth’s charismatic magnetism that keeps you glued to the screen. Not only is this beneficial for the movie but the character is like a breath of fresh air from the roles that Hemsworth usually finds himself in. Then there’s the realness of the cyber threat and the way it has tackled the subject from an actual coder’s point of view.

The popular Wired Magazine even commended the movie for its accurate portrayals of both security experts and digital hackers. Unfortunately, it is in some of these techy scenes that the movie drags, becoming too much for the average moviegoer. Watch Blackhat if you are a fan of Mann’s brand of cinema that’s full of intrusive buzz.

La La Land

Genre: Musical, Melodrama, Romance, and Comedy

Year: 2016

Hollywood is known for its dreamers and that’s what Damien Chazelle’s visual treat of a musical is all about. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling come together for a love story that doesn’t just bring two artists together but revives one’s faith in the romance of life as well. Both characters find each other at the starting point of their career yet not jaded by reality. La La Land is a gateway for the viewer to take a stroll in L.A., that’s painted in hues of rose-gold tones.

Paying a delightful homage to old-world cinema, it is endearing and charming, to say the least. When an aspiring Jazz pianist and an aspiring actress fall in love but also want to follow the difficult path of their passion, they need to make a difficult decision – achieve success in their respective professions or come together to live a happy fulfilling life. Enjoy this tale of classic Hollywood that induces nostalgia in every frame.

Night Teeth

Genre: Vampire Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Crime, Drama

Year: 2021

Benny Perez is a university student, who often moonlights as a chauffeur at night for his brother Jay so that he can earn some extra cash. However, one night his task is to drive two beautiful ladies around L.A. to various locations. Appearances can be deceptive and what looks like any other night of party-hopping turns out to be one deadly night that turns his whole world upside down!

Turns out the two ladies in the backseat of his car have a special thirst for blood – well, not his, but eventually land their bloodthirsty sights on him! And that’s where the fun begins. Who would have thought that the two ladies were centuries-old vampires, who were tasked to bring chaos to the city so that their Master could take over all the other tribes that exist? But that’s not all.

His simple brother with an ordinary job and an ordinary life turns out to be one of the main protectors of the human world. As a vampire thriller, Night Teeth doesn’t bite but barely nibbles. Though it is darkly comic, if you are one to enjoy the vampire trope then you would like to hop around L.A. with this uber-stylish, neon-colored film that’s a visual stunner! Simply log in to your DIRECTV app and get ready to stream this visual treat on your TV screen now!

Wrapping It Up,

Well, there you go! These are some of the movies that you can watch and fully enjoy while you relax in your downtime. Just make sure that you aren’t bothered by service glitches or even the rare hiccup in your internet so that you can truly enjoy these movies and your free time.