Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Where Are the Best Places to Catch a Show in New Orleans?

New Orleans is an awesome city for anyone who loves live music. Not only can you find incredible and new styles of music you may not know, but you’ll be able to find a performer on every street and in every restaurant.

Surrounded by all of this talent, how do you pick the best place to go for a live show? These are the best venues to visit, and why they’re awesome! 

Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall is a historic business that plays jazz in a no-frills, all-vibes space. With wooden floors and no air conditioning, this space allows you to enjoy jazz the way you would have when it was first started. Although they have five shows a night, the performers change every night or so, so you’ll never get tired of the many skilled acts you can find here. This is a great place to listen to jazz in a way most people miss out on.  

Gasa Gasa

When you need a drink at the end of a long day looking at New Orleans houses for sale, it’s time to go to Gasa Gasa.  Not only does this venue allow obscure bands and awesome locals to get their sound out there, but affordable drinks and entry mean you can come back night after night.  

This is a great place to meet locals and get to feel like you’re part of the city! 

Maple Leaf Bar

Music isn’t just for listening! Sometimes it’s nice to dance and get into motion. At the Maple Leaf Bar, you can enjoy live NOLA artists and get down on a hopping dance floor beneath a reflective tin ceiling. This tiny venue is said to be haunted, so it’s a lot of fun for anyone who believes in ghosts- or just likes creepy vibes when it’s close to Halloween.

This is a favorite of locals, but the crowd generally runs pretty young.  

The Howlin’ Wolf

Why not go somewhere that has a little more space to move around? The Howlin’ Wolf is a large concert hall with a mahogany bar and pub and fantastic attention to detail. Every performer brings their own touches to the venue, allowing you to come back twice in the same week and be surprised at how different the space feels.  

Why Music Matters to NOLA

Music is a huge part of what put New Orleans on the map! From the big bands and beyond, you can always find incredible contemporary music that makes you feel something here. New Orleans even had a serial killer that would axe anyone who didn’t play jazz on the nights he wanted to hear it. Although this can seem intense, there’s no city better than NOLA for awesome music and excited fans! 

This City Won’t Stop the Music! 

New Orleans has more talent on one city block than many cities have in their whole county! If you’re in town and want to check out some incredible live performances, make sure to stop by some of these fantastic venues!