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Understanding Canada Revenue Agency

Canada Revenue Agency runs and administers tax laws and other programs for the Government of Canada and its territories. Audits play an essential role in making the tax system fair to one and all.

Ris assessment is one of the crucial factors that help CRA pick the tax return document for auditing. It includes the probability of having errors or any refusal in following tax rules and the Canada tax deadline.

CRA My Business Account: Submit Documents is where you can respond to reviews by submitting documents if they select your company for evaluation. It is mainly for the informal audit instead of comprehensive reviewing. Accufile helps you in connecting with CRA in a fast and simple way. 

Auditing Process:

Primarily the CRA auditor gets in touch with the person and provides information about the audit.

There are two ways of auditing, one is an on-site one, conducted at your home, office, or the representative’s office, and the other is off-site auditing. Auditors will ask you to bring any supporting documents required for the audit. The auditor needs to make copies of the electronic records of your business for their purposes.

The record is sent to the auditor through CRA’s secure services. You can also create an account through CRA login, which is a fast online service offered by the Canada Revenue Agency that allows you to access your income tax and other details in one place. 

Auditors will inspect the records and documents, such as tax returns and details related to your property, business, and personal narratives.

They need to ensure that your tax return figures are by your records. They close the auditing so soon as they have reviewed the documents and everything looks authentic.

If otherwise, you will have to provide the pending tax or refund. If not, you need to contact the auditor, explain why you didn’t like the proposal, and deliver legal documents to support your statement. The auditor will go through it and get back to you. If the issue is not resolved, you can contact the team leader for further discussion. 

Sometimes when you owe more tax, the auditor can estimate the amount before the CRA notices, and you can pay all that you owe without any interest charges.

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Audit Triggers

Chances for errors related to certain credits or deductions and other factors determine the suitable criteria for CRA to pick tax returns for auditing.

Self-employed businesses tend to increase your chances that It will audit your return. 


A businessman needs to take care of all the reports related to revenues and expenditure. You can also use the Canada Income Tax Calculator to estimate your federal and territorial taxes quickly.

Income Tax Filing

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