Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Qualifying Leads Is the Better Way to Sales

In our last blog, “We All Live in the Sandler Submarine”, I spoke about the seven actions of the Sandler system as well as just how overcoming these steps will enhance your sales procedure. Step 3 – Discomfort; Action 4 – Budget plan; and Tip 5 – Decision; are the qualifying steps in the Sandler system. If your prospect exposes 3 to 5 problems to you that are various levels of discomfort, they have money allocated to deal with the problems, and also, they have the authority to decide to get your product or services, then congratulations! You have a certified prospect.

The Sandler way of qualifying prospects before you ever existing to them is significantly various from the conventional means of marketing. In the old typical marketing techniques, sales individuals present benefits as well as financial savings to leads who may not even need their product and services during that time. And also even worse, you commonly give away cost-free consulting as well as leave empty-handed. That’s why qualifying the prospect before any kind of discussion is made, makes a lot of sense to both events. No one’s time is thrown away.


In the standard marketing technique, the possibility is commonly in control of the Sales meeting, leaving the salesperson in a weak position. Right, here’s why:

1. Traditional Offering Action typically suggests the prospect plays his/her cards near to the vest as well as discloses little to the salesperson. The prospects are so protected they might outright exist to the salesperson, instead of share the truth about their issues. Some sales situations might also include manufactured factors for the conference because the possibility is just seeking information concerning your services and products, especially rates, so they can use it as utilize in negotiations with various other suppliers, or to get you to provide significant concessions in your prices. Regardless, it’s not a winning scenario for the salesperson.

2. The possibility wishes to know what the salesperson understands, as well as they excitedly launch into a presentation and talk, carefully, regarding all the benefits as well as benefits of their firm. He or she provides a quote, a proposition, recommendations, as well as a great deal of cost-free suggestions. However, Tip two usually finishes with the possibility of offering what seems like big praise. For instance: “You truly know your stuff, and I’ll get back to you in a week.”

3. All frequently, though, greater than a week passes and the prospect does not get back to the salesperson at all. The salesman has entered action 3 in the prospect’s buying system. Tip 3 is comparable to step one because the prospect has misguided the salesperson again. Even though they did not live up to the promise of calling back, the salesperson will still inquire into the possibility in hopes of progress.

4. The salesperson may get in touch with the possibility, but the possibility is most likely to put them off. They will typically compose reasons regarding why they have not gotten back to you or made a decision. They intend to maintain the salesperson on the hook, or they are too embarrassed to allow you to know they selected a different supplier. The salesperson is left hanging in limbo and continues to go after a prospect that won’t be getting.

5. Finally, that’s just how the process ends: in voicemail prison. The prospect doesn’t pick up the phone as well as “goes dark” on the salesman. You might never learn through them again.

Notice that the prospect’s system for buying Points is the same as the typical sales representative’s method for selling points. It helps the prospect, so they won’t change it. The Sandler System, on the other hand, is designed to level the playing field so the sales representative and also the prospect can develop an Adult-to-Adult relationship, where both celebrations have something to acquire. Operating at the same level, they can determine as adults whether to wage the sales procedure, as opposed to continue to be in limbo. The secret to understanding whether this connection will certainly function is uncovering the possibility’s degree of discomfort. Remain tuned to our next blog for extra on determining a possibility’s discomfort.