Friday, May 24, 2024

Improved Core Network Solutions Help Lower VoIP Network Downtime

The ability to decrease downtime is a key component of VoIP Aruba Networks Houston. While VoIP phones have higher quality audio than a landline, the clarity of calls depends on the internet service provider. A cloud PBX provider can forward calls to a cell phone in case of a power outage, which may prevent 911 operators from receiving a call. With VoIP phones, interruptions can make it difficult for them to complete a call.

Juniper Networks

Several improvements in Juniper’s core network solutions have a direct impact on lowering downtime for VoIP networks. The XML-based configuration file format is widely supported, and is used across the Juniper network family. Users can easily compare configuration files between devices without the need to re-configure them. The JUNOS scripting language has been enhanced to allow users to make changes and rollback to previous configurations.

Juniper Networks EX3300 Ethernet switches

The Juniper Networks EX3300 Ethernet switch offers high performance, bandwidth and durability. The switch supports Juniper Networks’ Virtual Chassis technology, which enables users to share resources across multiple networks, enabling seamless voice and video collaboration. The EX3300 switch is an excellent choice for enterprise installations. Its high-performance features and scalability make it a flexible solution for any enterprise’s VoIP and data Extreme Networks Partner Houston┬áneeds.

Ecessa’s wide area network controllers

The built-in firewall in Ecessa’s WAN controllers protects VoIP network traffic from carrier outages with Layer 7 intrusion detection and prevention (IPS) functions. The IPS also provides a failover function, which allows network traffic to continue flowing despite a network issue. This ensures that VoIP calls are never lost or interrupted. In addition, Ecessa solutions provide network troubleshooting capabilities, which help prevent VoIP network downtime.

Juniper Networks SRX240 firewalls

SRX240 firewalls from Juniper Networks offer the best in VoIP security with advanced thread models that allow them to process flow data faster. Thread models use multiple threads, each on a processor core or hardware thread, to process network traffic. Threads share the same memory space and operate on the same streams of information, reducing latency and improving traffic processing efficiency. Juniper has made the SRX240 a top-rated choice for limiting VoIP network downtime.