Tuesday, July 23, 2024

CS:GO Cache Map Analysis: Key Positions and Rotations


Welcome to our in-depth analysis of the CS:GO map, Cache. In this 2000-word blog post, we will delve into the strategic aspects of Cache, exploring key positions and rotations that can give you an edge in competitive play. Cache is a popular and iconic map known for its balance and versatility. By understanding the map’s layout, crucial positions, and effective rotations, you can enhance your gameplay and contribute to your team’s success. Let’s dive in and explore the intricacies of Cache.

Map Overview 

To start our analysis, let’s familiarize ourselves with the layout of Cache. Cache is a medium-sized defusal map with two bomb sites, labeled A and B. The map features a mix of tight corridors, open areas, and various cover options. The Counter-Terrorists (CTs) spawn near the A site, while the Terrorists (Ts) spawn near the B site. Understanding the general layout of the map is essential for effective positioning and rotations. csgo book 

Key Positions on the A Site 

The A site on Cache offers several critical positions that players should prioritize. These positions include the forklift, quad, highway, and truck. The forklift is a raised platform near the entrance to the A site, providing a good vantage point to defend against Ts pushing from the main entrance. Quad is a popular position located near the red container, offering cover and sightlines to multiple angles. Highway refers to the catwalk connecting the A site and the middle area, which can provide opportunities for flanking and retaking. Lastly, the truck position, located near the entrance to A main, allows for strategic peeks and cover against Ts pushing from that direction.

Key Positions on the B Site 

Moving on to the B site, several crucial positions can make a difference in defending or attacking the site. These positions include checkers, heaven, toxic, and back site. Checkers is a room located near the entrance to B main, offering good cover and a central position to defend against Ts attempting to enter the site. Heaven refers to the elevated platform above the B site, providing a commanding view of the site and opportunities for surprise attacks. Toxic is a position located near the toxic barrels, allowing players to hold angles and deny access to the site. Lastly, the back site position offers cover near the back of the site and can be used for defending against Ts planting the bomb.

Mid Control and Rotations 

Cache features a critical mid area that can provide crucial map control and allow for strategic rotations. Players can contest mid control from both sides, either pushing aggressively or holding defensive angles. Mid control offers opportunities to cut off rotations, gather information, and create openings for attacks on either bombsite. Efficient rotations between the bombsites are crucial in Cache, as quick responses to enemy movements can give you an advantage in retaking or defending a site.

Utility Usage and Strategies 

Effective utility usage is key to success on Cache. Smokes, flashbangs, molotovs, and grenades can be used to block off chokepoints, deny enemy movement, or force opponents out of advantageous positions. Understanding common utility lineups and executing well-coordinated strategies with your teammates can provide a significant advantage in gaining control of sites or retaking them.

Team Communication and Coordination 

Effective communication and coordination are crucial in maximizing your team’s potential on Cache. Clear callouts, timely information sharing, and well-coordinated executes can lead to successful site takeovers or defenses. Establishing designated roles, such as entry fragger, lurker, or support player, and communicating your intentions can enhance the overall team synergy and increase your chances of winning crucial rounds.


In conclusion, understanding the key positions, rotations, and strategies on Cache can significantly impact your performance in CS:GO. By mastering the A and B site positions, utilizing utility effectively, controlling mid, and maintaining strong communication with your team, you can gain a competitive edge on Cache. Remember to practice and refine your gameplay on the map, analyzing successful strategies used by professional players and teams. With time and experience, you’ll become adept at making informed decisions, executing precise rotations, and outplaying your opponents on Cache. So, gear up, communicate effectively, and dominate the battlefield on this iconic map.